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Hair Extensions Baltimore Md

If you are looking where to buy hair extensions in Baltimore, you have come to the right place! At Hair Extensions Baltimore, we know that there are many different reasons to want to invest in hair extensions, whether it’s for length, volume, or just to change up your look!

We have helped countless people find the best hair extensions in Baltimore for years, and now it is our time to help you by providing you with quality, human hair extensions to help you transform your look.

Baltimore hair extensions

About Hair Extensions Baltimore

When looking for Baltimore hair extensions, we understand that it can be overwhelming with so many options, and there can be many questions, such as:

“Where can I find hair extensions in Baltimore MD?”

“Where is the best hair extensions salon in Baltimore?”

“How much do hair extensions cost?”

At Hair Extensions Baltimore, we want to answer those questions and more! We offer many services to help you figure out which hair extensions are best for you and your lifestyle. Some of our services include:

  1. Clip-in extensions
  2. Tape-in extensions
  3. Sew in extensions
  4. Hand tied extensions

By offering a number of different services to our clients, we can help you find customized extensions that will blend with your natural hair and give you a beautiful, seamless look that will help you to look and feel amazing!

We have been a proud part of the beauty community for years, and we plan to continue helping people gain their confidence back with our real hair extensions. We understand better than most how much trends can change. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, but one thing that will never go out of style is looking and feeling confident and beautiful!

Why choose Hair Extensions Baltimore?

At Hair Extensions Baltimore, we are dedicated to helping you find the best hair extensions, from the moment you come into our hair extension salon. We know that it can seem hard, but we are here to make this process as fun and exciting for you as we can.

We have such a love of hair, that we want to share our passion with you! This is such an exciting time for you, and we are so happy to get to share in this experience! We believe that getting your hair done is about the full experience, which is why our stylists are genuinely excited to help people.

Skill is easy enough to teach, but passion can’t be taught, and it is something that has put Hair Extensions Baltimore at the top of the industry for years. We help you find hair extensions near you, while getting to know you and developing meaningful relationships with our clients that will last for years to come, and help our clients feel comfortable and valued.

We cannot wait to help you like we have been able to help countless others, so call us today and set up an appointment with one of our many talented and professional hairdressers that are waiting to hear from you!

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What to expect from Hair Extensions Baltimore?

Baltimore hair extensions

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business, something that has come from years of experience, and originates from one simple goal: help people look and feel beautiful.

From the moment you contact our hair extension salon near you, we hope that you will be able to feel heard and respected, as we work together with you to help you achieve your goals for your hair. We have spent years studying and working to improve so that you can trust us to make the appropriate recommendations to best fit your hair and your lifestyle.

Since communication with a stylist is key to having the hair you truly want, we sit down with our clients for a consultation. This allows us to examine your hair, and find out what you want from your hair extensions. We can talk about realistic goals for your hair, while still helping you have hair that helps boost your confidence and transforms your look!

We want to be able to cater to a large number of people in the Baltimore area, which why we believe in diversifying and constantly updating our services and products to provide the best hair extensions that we can offer to our clients, as well as helping you maintain and take care of your extensions so that your natural hair is as healthy as possible, and you get the most wear out of your extensions as possible for as long as possible.

Services at Hair Extensions Baltimore

Our different services allow us to help customize and find extensions that can be best matched to everyone. Talk to a stylist about which hair extensions option you think might be right for you, so we can work with you to find something that will look natural, beautiful, and help you feel your best!

Tape In Hair Extensions Baltimore

Tape extensions are a good choice for those with thin or fine hair, because they are so lightweight. These are applied with a special glue, so talk to your stylist about taking care of your hair, especially when washing, as too much conditioner too close to the scalp can cause the glue to lose its hold.

These usually need to be moved up every 4-8 weeks, and your stylist can give you a more specific time frame, but just remember that regular trips to the salon will help to maintain the life and health of your hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions Baltimore

Hair extensions with clips are similar to halo hair extensions, in that they are the easiest and least permanent form of hair extensions. These are simple to apply and remove, which is part of the reason why they are so popular.

These can be placed in without the help of a stylist, which means that you can take them out whenever you want, allowing you to switch up your look as you choose!

Sew In Hair Extensions Baltimore

Sew In extensions are sewn into small braids or cornrows of your natural hair. This is a great and popular option for many, since they can work with multiple different hair types and textures. They work especially well with thick, coarse, curly hair because of the application.

These should typically be moved up every 6-8 weeks, so they last a little longer than some other hair extensions, but they do take longer to apply, meaning that you can be in the salon for a few hours.

Hand Tied Extensions

Hand tied extensions are a very popular method, since they can also work with so many different hair types. Like sew in extensions, they can last 6-8 weeks, but unlike sew ins, they are easier to hide. These are great for helping you get that seamless, natural blend of hair extensions and natural hair.

These are also a good option for those who might like to wear their hair up more often. The base of the extension lies flatter against the head, allowing them to be more easily hidden.

About Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland, and is the most populated city in the state. Founded in 1729, it is full of historical sites and fascinating destinations, including the National Aquarium, and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Baltimore is a place with fun for the whole family, and we have been so proud to be a part of the community here for so long.

We love to hear from new clients, including those from the surrounding areas, such as:

  1. Halethorpe, MD
  2. Parkville, MD
  3. Lochearn, MD
  4. Arbutus, MD
  5. Rosedale, MD
  6. Brooklyn Park, MD
  7. Woodlawn, MD

We also help those from other surrounding cities and areas around Baltimore. We have helped countless people to help feel beautiful, and now we want to help you! Give us a call today!

Hair Extensions Baltimore Reviews

We love hearing from our clients, as each review helps us to maintain the highest standard of quality service and products. We value what each of our clients has to say, and by reading your input, we can keep helping those for many years to come. Here is what some of our clients, both new and returning, had to say about hair Baltimore hair extensions.

“Everytime I have gone in, I always leave looking amazing! The whole vibe of the salon is awesome, and everybody is super fun and professional. I love being there, and my stylist always gives me exactly what I want.” - Haylee P.

“I am blown away by how natural my extensions look. Nobody can tell I have hair extensions, but I get tons of compliments because my hair looks so good! I have referred tons of people to my stylist because she is so talented and amazing!” - Valerie M.

“I usually end up spending a few hours at the salon when I go in, but I love having the time to myself, and getting to chat with my stylist. He is so fun and he shows an interest in my life, and he always does a great job. I am never disappointed!” - Skylar W.


Don’t worry if you have questions about hair extensions, you would be surprised at how many clients come in with dozens of questions. That’s exactly why we are here for you! We spend all of our time doing and learning about hair so that you don’t have to!

We take the time to educate our clients without making you feel silly for asking questions. If you are going to commit to getting hair extensions, you should know what you are getting yourself into! Here are a few questions that we get asked quite a lot.

How do I know if getting extensions would be right for me?

People get hair extensions for multiple reasons, and they can be customized and diversified to work for many reasons. If you want hair extensions, chances are you can find something that works for you!

How long should my hair be?

Typically, getting extensions is easier if you have at least 6-7 inches of hair. This makes it easier to blend your extensions in, as well as hide them for a more natural look.

Can I color extensions?

Yes, extensions usually take color much like your natural hair, but just be careful, as color and especially bleach can be bad if you don’t know what you are doing. Talk to a professional if you are interested in changing the color of your extensions.

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At Hair Extensions Baltimore, we know that having good looking hair is so important to looking and feeling your best, which is why we want to help you find the right hair extensions for you.

Come into our salon and get to know our team, who is dedicated to helping those in the Baltimore area feel beautiful and confident with natural looking hair extensions to provide extra length, volume, or whatever else you feel like your hair needs! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to get your hair extensions. Your dream hair could be just a call away!

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